Female Roommate need (Jan 2019)


Hi, my name is Saumya Manglik. I am a first year graduate student in Villanova’s Human Resources Development program. I also work at the University.

I currently reside at Radnor House. The Lease would be due to renewal on 10th of Jan’2019, and  I’ll be happy if someone would like to move-in with me in the same apartment. The apartment is walking distance from the university and Rosemont Station.

The rent inclusive of Utilities is $1,400 per month i.e. & $700 per person monthly (Wi-Fi not included).



  1. Hi Saumya, If you don’t find someone for your lease renewal, feel free to contact me, and I am looking for someone to take over my lease until June 29th. Thanks!

  2. Hi Saumya, I am currently a graduate student at Bryn Mawr College doing Post Bacc Program. I might be interested in the apartment. Please reach out to me at your convenience at 609 410-3493. Thanks. Tori

  3. Hello Sumaya, I am a non traditional student currently completing undergraduate BS in Rehab and applying for the Masters program this coming Fall of 2019. there is a possibility I might be moving earlier in Jan. of 2019 to do my internship. If you are still in need of a roommate by that time, I would be interested in considering the Radnor House.

  4. Megan McKechnie

    Hi Sumaya, are you still looking for a roommate? If so email me, megangradv@gmail.com. I am a graduate student at Villanova studying Counseling. I am currently commuting from NJ and am looking to move closer to the school.

  5. Hi Sumaya, very interested in helping with the lease for January 2019. Please contact me at 610-400-5412. Thak you.

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