Looking For Roomate: Close Proximity to University

Hello, My name is Peter and I will be starting a Master’s in Political Science at Villanova this August. I am looking for a roomate, preferably male, non-smoking. I am not sure whether I will have a car so I need to be within walking distance of the university or rail line, my first choice housing is a two bedroom, two bath in the Rosemont Plaza around $835 per month with internet, cable, and most utilities included. It is a fifteen minute walk from Villanova and across from small park with wlaking/running paths. I am open to other suggestions for housing as long as they’re close to the University. I feel I am pretty easy person to get along with, I usually go to bed around 11:00-12:00 on weeknights, have no pets but also open to them, play the guitar (but not at odd hours), and not a huge drunk party guy but I still enjoy a good night out. If you’re interested please contact me at messina007@knights.gannon.edu.

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