Looking for Grad Housing! (23 year old female Bio student)

Hey! My name is Katie Voegtlin and I am looking for a room/roommates starting in August 2019. I am going to be a first year grad student in the Biology program at Villanova. I graduated from Vassar College in 2018 and I am originally from D.C. I have a small 3 year old border collie who is super friendly and well-trained- she loves new friends.  I was on the cross country team at Vassar and love to run/hike, as well as read and hang with friends in my free time. Looking to live somewhere on the Main Line.


  1. Liz Lopresti

    Hi! My name is Liz and we have so many similar interests! Do you have an email or phone number where we could chat more?? Thanks!! (:

  2. Liz Lopresti

    HI! My name is Liz and we have so many similar interests! Do you have an email or phone number where we could talk more? Thanks!(:

  3. renata martello

    Hi, my name is Renata Martello, I came across you posting here on the Villanova website looking for roommates.

    Are you still looking for a house?

    I have a place for rent at 218 Landover Rd, Bryn Mawr. About 8 min from Villanova.

    The rent is $865 per room. We have a 3 bedroom and a 5 bedroom house available.
    You can find more info for the property on Zillow. Just copy and paste the address.

    Please let me know if you’re interested.

    Renata Martello

  4. Caitlyn Dittmeier

    Hi Katie, my name is Caitlyn! I will be starting Villanova’s Masters in English program this fall and am also looking for a roommate(s). I actually finished up my undergraduate at Villanova just last year so I’m so excited to be returning to the area. I’m also hoping to live along the mainline!
    Let me know if you are still looking for a roommate!
    My email is cdittmei@villanova.edu

  5. Hey Katie, I actually grew up right by Vassar and ran x country races in high school on your campus often haha.

    Ill refer to you my recent posting but Im a recent alumni and am looking for a roommate myself.


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