Radnor House, Bryn Mawr: Roommate wanted ~$500 a month.

I am looking for someone (male or female) to sublet a room in my Radnor house apartment, unit 830. Nice back view with a small balcony overlooking the pool. My lease started August 1st, and goes until July 31st of 2016. It’s a decent sized apartment with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, living area and kitchen. I pay a flat rate of $125 for utilities a month, so that would be split evenly between me and you. I have yet to get internet cable and a land phone line, and that is an additional cost as well. I am looking to get around $500 a month as well to rent the one bedroom – but this is up for negotiation. Bedrooms are carpeted, hallway and main room have wood floors – but I plan to cover them mostly with carpets. Your bedroom does come with a nice desk and chair and a decent sized closet, and has an air conditioning unit built into the wall as all the other rooms have as well. All other furnishings are needed (bed, night stand, etc.) Could fit queen or double bed in it. The kitchen has a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. and I have a toaster, coffee machine, etc. The apartment also came partly furnished as well – so there are some things like a small table, floor lamps, etc. that you could use. Plus I also have all sorts of dishes, cups, silverware, pots, pans, etc. I also have a 39 inch smart TV that will be put in the main room as well.

I’m a 2015 Bucknell University graduate (22 years old, male) who just moved to the area from Pittsburgh to work for an asset and wealth management executive search consulting firm. I work 9-10 hour days, and am usually gone on the weekends meeting up with my friends elsewhere or outdoors fly fishing, hiking, kayaking, sailing, etc. I am clean, well-mannered etc. but I do also like to have a good time (former fraternity member) and will go out and get drinks etc. multiple times a week. I’m also currently single.

The Radnor House is within walking distance of a SEPTA line and some Bryn Mawr bars. I believe you can also get a membership at the nearby Villanova gym for $75 for a year. Radnor house will also only let employed or graduate students live there – so no current students unless you have a part time job you can list as your place of work. No pets either. The Radnor House has very good security, and it also won’t take much to add you onto the lease. You’ll get a key to the mail box, parking sticker, and security swipe card to get into the building.

Not looking for just anyone to live with. Most likely will ask you to get a coffee or beer in order to meet you, and can show you around the apartment as well. Shoot me an email at bucknellgrad2015@gmail.com with your name, short bio, etc. or friend me on Facebook under Brad Michael. I can provide pictures of the place too.

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