First Year Grad Student looking for 1-2 female roommates

My name is Cassondra Coll, I am starting at Villanova in the fall is the masters of human resource development program. I am an Ohio State graduate moving to Philadelphia in August. Looking for 1-2 female roommates to start a lease with. I am currently considering living closer to downtown, perhaps university city, but would be open to other suggestions! Feel free to add me on facebook to get in touch or email me at


  1. Anika Tabassum

    Hi, I am Anika Tabassum, you can call me Anika. I am also joining Villanova this fall for Masters in Sustainable Engineering and I am looking at housing space and roommates. Do have any place in your mind that you are considering? I was hoping to stay close to the university as I don’t have a car, but I am open to other options. Email me if you still are looking for a roommate.

  2. Rebecca

    Hi! My name is Rebecca! I am starting this fall at the law school! Email me if you’re still looking for roommates!

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