Looking for Female Roommate

Hi all,
My name is Lydia and I’m an incoming 1L at Villanova’s Law School. I’m searching for a roommate a female roommate, A little bit about myself, I’m a vegetarian, I love running, reading, and politics. I’m a pretty laid back person; I really enjoy socializing but I also appreciate my alone time. I’m looking to live with just 1 roommate in either ardmore, bryn mawr, haverford, or rosemont, preferably in a place that’s 600-800 a month. Let me know if you’re interested!


  1. Hi Lydia – my name is Emily, and I’m also looking for a roommate. I’ve actually secured an apartment in Ardmore for $625/month (heat and hot water included). I’m an MPA student at Villanova and work full-time at a nonprofit. I do have a cat who’d be living with me! Feel free to email me if you’re interested: emilygkane@gmail.com

  2. Julie Williams

    Hi Lydia! I currently have a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in St. Davids and I am looking for a roommate starting sometime in the summer. It is less than a mile from campus and in your price range.. I also love running and am very easy going. If you are interested, let me know and I can send you pictures and more information over email. Thanks! Julie

    • Hi Julie, if you are still looking for a roommate, please let me know! I just graduated from the university of Dayton and will be working at Villanova this year. Im looking to move in on july 1st. I love to run/workout, i was a college athlete, and im pretty outgoing!

    • Melanie

      Hi Julie! I am finishing my grad degree in July at Villanova and starting a job there in August. I love Villanova, and I am very excited to be staying there! This is Melanie Dudley, and I am wondering if you are the same Julie Williams I know from Saint Mary Magdalen. Either way, I am interested in learning more about your apartment, as I am looking to move closer to campus.

  3. Hi Lydia, Are you still looking for a roommate? I will also be a 1L at Villanova Law. I’m vegetarian as well. I have a place in Ardmore that is within your price range and a five minute walk from the Ardmore train station. Please contact me if you’re interested! 91dhara@gmail.com

  4. Mary Connors

    Hi! If anyone is still looking for a roommate, my name is Mary and I’m a rising 2L at Nova Law and looking to live anywhere decently close to the school. Let me know at mconno39@law.villanova.edu

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