Villanova Law Student Seeking March 2017 Housing

My fiance and I are are presently living in an apartment in Ardmore. We are getting married this September and want to find a new place as soon as our current lease is up. Our current lease ends March 15th, so we have been thinking about possibly extending our lease until the upcoming spring/summer so that we have more options when starting a new lease (although we would prefer to move in March).

We are looking for:

  • $1200-$1300 per month (utilities are factored into that number whether included in rent or paid by us)
  • 2 bedroom is preferred, but 1 bedroom with an office would also work
  • Somewhere on the Main Line (I am a Villanova Law student, my fiance is a teacher)
  • A place that allows for large dogs. We do not have a dog presently, but very much want to adopt a dog after we move out of our current place that does not allow for pets. We are not interested in a puppy, but an adult dog, 1-3 years old. We plan on adopting a dog from a reputable rescue (German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, or a similar working-dog breed) and are experienced handlers — I was a volunteer GSD service dog trainer in college. We are more than happy to incorporate a detailed pet agreement into our lease!
  • We are interested in a place that we can call home for the long-term as we plan on staying in this area even after I graduate from law school (two year lease or longer). We are a clean, respectful, and quiet couple who love to cook, read, and go hiking/camping.

I am posting this early so that we can get a better sense of whether or not we should reach out to our landlord in regards to extending our lease.

Email me at: 🙂

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