Female Graduate Student Looking for Possible Roommate for this Fall!

I’m looking for someone to live with this fall near Villanova University. I’m an incoming School Counseling graduate student, and I’ll be moving to the area in June. I have found a number of apartments available near campus that have two bedrooms and some two baths. Feel free to comment or email me if you’re in the same boat and interested in possibly living together!



  1. Jenna Plotzyk

    Hey Katie! I am also looking for a roommate – I going to be a grad student in the MSF program and will start the beginning of June. E-mail or text me so we can talk! (804) 592-7755

  2. Maggie M Qualter

    Hey Katie! I also going to be an incoming graduate student at Villanova in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. I am looking to have a roommate and live near campus! Email and we can talk!

    • Kathryn Chase

      Hey Maggie – I’d be happy to contact you if you’re still interested in possibly living together near campus. Let me know your email or you can contact me – kec2114@gmail.com -Katie

  3. Andrea Spencer

    Hi! I’m going to be an incoming grad student in the history program this fall and wanted to move in around early August. I’m a pretty chill person and like to keep my space clean. I’m really focused on my academics but I’m not uptight at all. I’m going to be working remotely during the year as well, but I split my work time half and half between working at home and working in a coffeeshop. What were some of the places you were looking at? Email me at andrealauren1994@gmail.com or shoot me a text (508 776 0399) if you want!

  4. Morgan Mannweiler

    Hey Katie! Have you found a roommate yet? I am starting the Mental Health Counseling program in August. I am from South Florida and love to cook! Text me 561-654-5555

    • Taylor Dillon

      Hi Morgan, I am actually in the Mental Health Counseling program right now and I am looking to move from my current apartment if you are still looking for a place! You can email me at taydillon17@gmail.com or text me at 248-980-9903

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