Looking for grad student roommates for august!

Hi! I’m an incoming grad student in the history program and I wanted to find some fellow grad students to room with. I don’t particularly care if it’s girls or guys. I just want to find somewhere close to campus and live with some nice, cool people!

I’m a pretty chill person and like to keep my space clean. I’m really focused on my academics but I’m not uptight at all.

Comment or email me at andrealauren1994@gmail.com if you’re interested!



  1. Hello! I’m also an incoming graduate student but in the M.S. in Psychology program. It’s really important to me that I have clean living space (including the kitchen). I can be pretty focused on my work as well, however, I am much more relaxed outside of work/school. I would LOVE to be walking distance to campus but that may be unrealistic. Move-in date in August would be preferred. You can reach me at kendra.andrew@yale.edu.

  2. Mohamed Pussah

    Hey, I’m Mohamed, I am also an incoming grad student, but in Software Engineering. I will like a place close to campus. Please let me know the details of what you are thinking.

  3. Hey guys, I got accepted into Villanova’s HRD program and Im probably gonna go, but not 100 % sure. I figured I would just get my name out here to get ahead of the curve because I am probably gonna go. Im looking for roommates and I do have a car so being really close to campus is not necessarily essential but I don’t mind being close if the cost is right. I’ve been looking on craigslist and theres a decent amount of stuff available. let me know!

  4. Hi My name is Fatima. I am starting this Fall as well with the Masters in Public administration program. I am graduating college this month with business degree. I am also looking for an apartment near campus since I dont have a car. I am chill, not too loud and pretty organized. Like to keep it clean but lived in space. I sometimes cook too. I will be often busy as I will be working on campus. I focus on study on week days but like to have fun on weekends and love the outdoors. message me if you wantta look for apartment together.

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