The ‘room’ is the top floor of our home. It consists of a living area with a full size futon (normally set up as a couch), a mini-fridge, a microwave, a small TV, a desk with chair, and a small credenza on which the microwave and TV sit. There is a private bathroom with sink, commode, shower, and heated floor. There is a bedroom with a bed (twin size), dresser, chair, and table/desk. Lastly, there is a good sized closet with plenty of hanger space as well as shelves. The area does not have private entrance; however, only the tenant will use that floor.

Essentially everything is include in the rent except cable TV: all utilities, internet, there is once every 2-weeks maid service to clean the the bathroom, use of the washer and dryer in the basement, and light usage of the kitchen. Note: We only have VERY basic cable TV service, essentially the channels that are available over the air and a few other; maybe 15 total channels. If the tenant wants more cable service, that will be on them. Note: we do have very good cable INTERNET service.

Our home is literally a 3-minute walk from the Haverford R5 train station. The trip on the train is 6 minutes from VU to the Haverford station. Also within a 3-minute walk is a bagel shop, a coffee shop, a frozen yogurt shop among other stores such as 2 dry cleaners, a hair stylist, a nail salon, 2 yoga studios, a restaurant (White Dog Cafe), a post office, and others.  Street parking.

We  rent monthly ($615/mo) with a minimum 1-semester contract and 1-month security deposit.
No smoking, no pets (we have two cats).

We are Villanova graduates.  Go Nova!  Please contact Diane Sweeney ( or Peter Furcht (


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    This room is taken! Sorry.

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