Biology Grad student looking for a female roommate for a two-bedroom, or any suggestions for a one-bedroom/studio

Hi there!

I’m a Villanova student in a 5-year program and I’m looking into housing for my 5th year (May/June 2018-May/June 2019). Most places I’ve looked at are two-bedrooms, so I’m looking for a female roommate. I’m very social, love all things food and I’m relatively neat (but certainly not a neat freak). I don’t have an apartment picked out yet but I do have a few in mind in Bryn Mawr that are available.

OR if anyone has suggestions for one bedroom apartments or studios that are relatively inexpensive (~800-900/month) I would be open to looking into those. I’d prefer to be in the Bryn Mawr/Ardmore side of the Blue Route, if possible.