Seeking roommate(s) in Philly

I’m starting the first year of my MA in English this fall. There are two quick trains that go from Philly to Villanova and its significantly cheaper than actually living in the area surrounding campus. I’m most interested in West Philly, but would be willing to check out other neighborhoods. I’m hoping to find an apartment with an August 1-15 move-in date. I know the more rooms/roommates the better (price wise), and am hoping to spend around $400-450 a month each, which should be attainable in Philly.

Please contact me if you’re interested to see if we would be a good match. I’m easy-going, love to cook/bake, don’t party often but am not adverse to drinking or loud music in moderation. I’m vegetarian but don’t care about using pots/pans that meat is cooked in. I’m okay with a cluttered living space, so long as it isn’t dirty.