Room Available In Haverford


This is a sweet and very unique opportunity.

I’m a non-trad undergraduate student at Villanova, and currently live with an older couple (72, 76) in Haverford. Both of them are UPenn grads and have extensive knowledge and affection for the area. These kind people have allowed me to rent their third floor for the last couple of years. The space has three bedrooms and one bathroom. Each room is outfitted with a fair amount of closet space and a decent bed. This area is occasionally used in the summer to house their traveling family members.

The owners of the house, who are often times out of town, generously share their kitchen and laundry room which are both great for what I need. In return they require  clean and responsible living.

This is an unusual and worthwhile opportunity. The 9 minute commute to campus, along with the quiet, peaceful, and beautiful neighborhood make it something you’ll regret passing up.  If it looks like it might be for you, feel free to shoot me an email and we can go through the details.