Subletting room for May-August: $550/month, fully furnished, downtown Bryn Mawr

Subletting room for May-August: $550/month, fully furnished, downtown Bryn Mawr

Hey guys! Leaving for the summer so I am subletting this room from May 15-August 15, we can totally discuss the dates if needed.

It is $550 plus utilities per month and WiFi which usually adds up to $600. Security deposit is $500.

The room is fully-furnished with a small coffee table, bed, and huge wardrobe (seriously massive). You will be living with my current male roommate, really cool guy and is a master’s student studying psychology at Villanova.

The location is everything for this room. You’ll be in downtown Bryn Mawr close to nice restaurants and bars with easy access to the Paoli-Thorndale line or the Norristown High Speed Line. The room is literally above a business on Lancaster.

The room is semi-private, meaning that it is not separated by a wall but rather a blackout curtain. Nobody is able to peek in and the sort.

Contact me and I’ll be happy to share some pictures and videos of the place.

It is really convenient for those just staying over the summer as it is fully furnished and also for those that rely on public transportation to get around.

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  1. athena gonzalez

    interested! Sent email!

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