a room in a 2 BR apartment available for june 1ts-september 1st for subleasing.

Hello Guys,
I have a room available in Radnor house from 06/01/2018 till 09/01/2018. It is a two bedroom apartment with shared bathroom on the 9th floor and really good view from the balcony over radnor house pool, the renter will have the bigger room. My roommate is traveling and most probably will com back by end of august/beginning of September. The apartment is furnished and has all the necessary appliances. there is also a laundry room in the basement floor. The rent is about 675/month excluding utilities and internet, which might reach up to an extra 50 or 100 at most. Radnor house is close to both the NHSL and regional train station, and it is just 10 minute walking distance from villanova. Please feel free to contact me on this email. mabaas@villanova.edu,

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  1. Tuan Huynh

    Hi, would you mind if I ask how much it costs per month for a 1 year lease at the property? If it’s about the same price as your sublease offer, I woud be interested in this. Thanks!

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