Hi! ? I’m Alycia,  and I just accepted an offer from Villanova for the MA in Political Science program, and I’ll be starting August 2017. I’m just starting to look around at apartments, and looking for female roommates! I’m looking preferably for somewhere that’s furnished, but unfurnished is fine too. I like to keep things clean and I’ll be studying a lot obviously. I’m not a partier or anything, but I do like to have fun, and I’m pretty laid back. I’m looking for a nice place that I can get to campus easily and relatively quickly, that will give me a comfortable environment to study and live in. I currently live 2 hours away. Any ladies looking for someone to move into their current place, or even other first years looking for someone to figure this out with, send me an email at alyciarh715@gmail.com! I’m open to any suggestions! Can’t wait to hear from you!!

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