Large newly renovated furnished basement with natural light, private half-bath, and plenty of workspace.  The location is a residential neighborhood with single family  homes about 20 minutes from Villanova.  There is only 1 resident living in the house. She is the host and  uses the space on the first floor for her living area.  However, shower is available, on first floor, to be shared by guest.   The kitchen, also on the first floor, is easily accessible from the basement.  Host is open-minded, friendly but quiet, appreciates privacy and a regular daily routine.  Looking for similar qualities in a guest.  Additional “fine print : must be dog friendly, non-smoking, no guests.

Opportunity for short or long stays can be negotiated.   Daily: $35, Weekly: $150, Monthly: $650. If you have any questions or want more detail, contact Jennifer Russell at  

The pictures are before the renovation.  Since then, there is new paint, updated ½ bath, and vinyl flooring. The furniture and decorations look a bit different and can be adjusted depending on your needs.