Searching for a graduate student roommate – Samuel Rizzo
My name is Samuel Rizzo. I am an incoming graduate student majoring in software engineering. I am a generally quiet individual that likes a quiet environment. I will be working as a teaching assistant for this upcoming school year. Although I live in New Jersey, which isn’t that far away, I would like to stay close to campus. Therefore, I am looking for an apartment. I am also looking for a roommate that hopefully will have the same major (but it is not my priority). However, I prefer having a graduate student as my roommate. I have not found any housing yet, so if you already found housing and would like to find a roommate, please let me know. If not, we can find housing together. On a website, I found a 2-bedroom apartment close to Villanova University that costs approximately $1350. In my opinion, that sounds like an affordable price. Please contact me at or text me at my cell phone number (908-202-8632).